Little Dundi My Early Steps Baby Walker, Gray

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Little Dundi My Early Steps Baby Walker, Gray

Little Dundi My Early Steps Baby Walker, Gray Rating:
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Product Description

My Early Steps is a soft-structured baby walker for use with infants who have demonstrated an ability to stand while supporting themselves against furniture or holding onto an adult's hand. This is indicative of completed changes in bodily proportion and sufficient leg muscle strength needed to enable the ability to balance in upright posture. My Early Steps is recommended for use with infants with a minimum chest circumference of 19 inches, weighing less than 30 pounds, and at least 8 months old. The unique shell design promotes a natural posture for baby – the arms are used for balancing, which is key to maintaining balance while transitioning from one foot to the other, and the risk of shoulder dislocation caused by assisting adults pulling on baby’s arms is minimized. Baby receives visual feedback related to each step as the view of baby's feet is unobstructed. The processing of such visual feedback by the brain is essential for independent walking. The adult also benefits from maintaining a natural, upright posture while using the walker. The lower part of the walker absorbs part of baby's weight and prevents the top part from gathering up under baby's arms during use, causing them to extend upwards. The wide leg openings allow for free leg movement and baby can gradually build up the upper muscle strength required for independent walking. The most unique feature of My Early Steps is the three-point fastening on the back. Situated close to the center of gravity of the baby it includes the lower point of attachment of the support straps. This is important because babies' center of gravity lies much higher than that of adults, making them top heavy. Positioning the point of attachment of the support straps close to the center of gravity affords better control for the adult and increased support for the top heavy infant. The support straps are easily removable and adjustable in length to accommodate adults of various heights. Babies can frequently tire of walking practice and want to switch to crawling. It is possible to let baby crawl without undue risk of entanglement - no need to remove the entire baby walker from baby, only the support straps. The three-point fastening allows for adjustments for baby's height and chest circumference (or thicker outerwear) and makes it possible to create a snug fit


  • Best performing soft structured walker on the market - designed to cradle baby's entire torso
  • Fastening on back situated close to baby's high center of gravity for superb control
  • Removable holding straps are situated away from baby's ears, no undesired rubbing during use
  • Safety tested; Complies with key US and EU standards; Health Canada approved

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